New paints and Gelli plate fun


I started with a selection of new paints from tiger, my Gelli plate, a brayer and a selection of paper ephemera that I got sent from America.


Apply the paint to the Gelli plate with the brayer then print with the paper.
For interesting results try different colour combinations and just printing a section of the page.


Allow to dry







Extra colour can be added with water-soluble crayons.


5 thoughts on “New paints and Gelli plate fun

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      • You should have my email from this comment string. Send me an email and let me know a good time, about how many pages you would like to trade and what kind of papers (white typing, recycled, magazines, etc.) and a place to send mine to. I will have to do it over a weekend as my work days go too long to do anything of any significance in the evenings. This will be awesome fun!!

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